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Entering the blogasphere…

We have launched our new website and it is up to me to create a blog. Who am I? I am Deb a Diva who is following in the footsteps of the ultimate Diva, my mother, Flo.

This blog will cover many topics over time as I want it to be fun and interesting to read. Just as we want you to love the food at Flo’s Place so that you can’t wait to come back, I want you to really like the blog so you will check it out from time to time . I am making no promises about how often I will blog, I do promise to make it interesting and perhaps colorful. Over the course of this year, I hope to share some recipes, some cooking tips, and some fun history about Flo’s Place and the people who have populated her dining room.

Todays, blog launch will cover some tidbits of history about Flo and Flo’s Place.

Flo’s Place started out only opening for lunch in a little shack of a building sitting way back on the point of Smith’s Landing. Smith’s Landing is now Flaggpoint Subdivision with houses which have breathtaking views of the inlet. Many years ago, we moved the restaurant up to the road; thus, making development of the back property a possibility.

Way back when, circa 1980, the shack of a building with no air conditioning and toilets on septic tanks, was the site of sweaty dancing, horses trotting up to the window, and PoBoys being chomped down with lots of beer. Flo had a friend who used to ride his horse around Murrells Inlet and on more than one occasion he trotted up to the window at Flo’s. Now, mind you, because his owner might have one beer too many, this horse knew his way home. I don’t know how many restaurants can say a horse was one of their first patrons.

The septic tank bathrooms were out of order a lot. When men would ask, “where’s the restroom” which were actually located outside behind the building, we would just say “first tree on your left.” Nowadays, not only would that not be environmentally friendly, it wouldn’t be politically correct either. When, the restaurant got moved up to the road, we added indoor plumbing and painted a tree over the urinal in the men’s room. Our regulars got quite a laugh out of that.

The original shack is still very much a part of the current building. We just fancied it up and made it the bar. We then built out around it. Our pics show the original building which started life as a boathouse, then became a tackle shop, then Flo’s Place. The current building bears no resemblance to the original; but, houses all the great memories and many of the fun people who have become part of the Flo’s family.

Are you a part of the Flo’s family?

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